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The Keys to a Greater Website

How Distillery helped an online leader in automotive pricing, buying, and selling improve its UX, security, and conversions.

The Urgency

A leading website for automotive pricing and retailing of new and used vehicles was looking to drive more sales by improving the car-buying experience for its customers.

To build an array of software solutions at speed, however, the company’s internal development team knew that it needed to bring in experienced and nimble support from the outside.

The Distillery Approach

To develop end-to-end improvements for the company’s lead gen and purchasing funnel, Distillery’s nearshore team jumped in and got to work. Over a period of 18 months, our developers went on to tackle a variety of fast-paced, evolving initiatives.

The first project involved optimizing the website check-out experience to make it more streamlined and user-friendly. Following improvements on that front as well as with SEO, a new team was created to work on elevating the prominence of electric vehicles on the site and transform it into a true EV-first marketplace.

Next up, Distillery’s team spent three months working on an initiative targeting people with low credit scores and helping make car buying more affordable for them. The solutions we developed helped drive an immediate increase in site traffic and conversions from that market. Another key project included the implementation of stronger login security for employees and the company’s dealer portal.

The Results

Distillery’s team, which ranged from five to eight developers depending on the project, became renowned within the company. So much so that when the retailer was hit with layoffs, the company made sure to still keep multiple Distillery team members on board. Today, our engineers continue to develop innovative and cost-effective software solutions as the automotive company moves into the future.