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Driving a
Dynamic Rebrand

How Distillery helped a mobile automotive repair startup enhance performance en route to acquisition.

The Urgency

In order to build up its online product so it was on par with the market – and, in turn, increase the company’s attractiveness for a potential acquisition – a mobile automotive repair startup needed to enhance the UX and performance of its website.
But to achieve all this, the startup knew that its internal teams needed experienced outside development support.

The Distillery Approach

Showcasing our ability to work with both technical and non-technical teams in order to deliver metrics for growth, Distillery’s nearshore engineers embedded with the startup’s own development and content teams to work side by side towards success.

After coming on board with the startup at an early stage, our engineers worked for four years to help build its platforms on the back and front ends. Distillery’s achievements for web and mobile included SEO improvements, as well as enhancing speed, visibility, and the effectiveness of digital marketing campaigns. The startup’s growth proved so strong that in 2023 it was acquired by a major automotive retailer looking to expand its after-sales business.

Distillery’s team stayed on board through the acquisition and assumed an array of backend duties as the company underwent a rebrand. This included migrating databases and conducting automated tests for the updated website, as well as additional SEO improvements and optimizations for speed and overall performance.

The Results

Distillery’s engineers have been recognized by both the startup and its new owner for their meticulous approach in finding solutions, identifying improvement areas, and maintaining client communication for rework-free story completion.
Having addressed challenges related to the generation of new warranty models, management of future appointments, and more, our team continues to work with the rebranded company to maintain and optimize its website.