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Accelerating Digital Efficiency

How Distillery helped a leading online used car retailer infuse automation, activate data, and streamline its services.

The Urgency

A leading online used car retailer was seeking to accelerate sales growth by better leveraging its wealth of vehicle data and optimizing the efficiency of its website operations.

But to develop innovative and cost-effective software solutions, the company knew it needed outside talent to supplement its core internal team.

The Distillery Approach

Distillery assembled a nearshore team of five backend developers, one frontend developer, a project manager and a tech leader to dive into the company’s business. Our team got to work on enhancing system design and the development of algorithms to deliver more accurate pricing details for used cars that the company was looking to buy and sell to customers.

To generate greater in-house efficiency, the company desired to automate as many processes as possible. Distillery’s developers tackled a number of automation projects, including the collection and sorting of data from cars purchased through auction sites, as well as improving filtering and bulk bidding options for shoppers.

The Results

Distillery’s engineers have become an essential part of the used car retailer’s development team, owning an array of microservices and helping to maintain the website’s acquisition pipeline. When the company went through internal restructuring and reduced headcount, Distillery’s resources were kept on to help continue developing a dynamic digital future for the brand.